We're mapping every street tree in New York City!

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Since May 2015, we have counted over 650,000 trees on New York City’s streets! Stay tuned for the final results of TreesCount! 2015-2016.

To explore more urban forest volunteer opportunities with Parks, visit our Stewardship page.

We’re almost done.

Final count coming soon!

Collecting data on street trees leads to a greener and greater NYC!

Our street trees make our city cooler, our air cleaner, and our neighborhoods more beautiful. TreesCount! is New York City’s third census of our urban forest. This citizen science initiative engaged over 2,000 volunteers citywide to map and collect data from NYC’s street trees. This information will help us better maintain and care for our existing street trees and plan for the future of our urban forest.

Using TreesCount! data, NYC Parks will launch the NYC Street Tree Map. You will be able to see and explore the forest, and record and share tree stewardship like weeding, watering and mulching.

Although data collection for TreesCount! is officially over, there are many opportunities year round to get involved in caring for the urban forest. Check out NYC Parks’ Stewardship page to find out more!

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