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Welcome to TreesCount! Since May 2015, we have been counting and mapping all the beautiful street trees that grace our city. More than 2,000 volunteers have participated. Sign up to find out more about how you can play a key role in the future of our urban forest!

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Trees Counted

Collecting data on street trees leads to a greener and greater NYC!

Our street trees make our city cooler, our air cleaner, and our neighborhoods more beautiful. TreesCount! is New York City’s third census of our urban forest, and tree-loving citizens like you are helping us collect data.

New volunteer training and data collection has ended for 2015. However independent mappers who voluntreered last year will be able to help us finish mapping in 2016.

Once the census is complete, NYC Parks will launch a new Street Tree Map using TreesCount! data. You will be able to see and explore the forest, and record and share tree stewardship like weeding, watering and mulching.

There are also opportunities year round to get involved in caring for the urban forest. Check out NYC Parks stewardship page to find out more!

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